$1,000.00 reward for your local shelter

I am offerning any shelter $1,000.00 that has a dog that they are about to kill. All I ask is that you give me 60 minutes to work with the dog, if you do not see significant difference in 60 minutes or less than I will hand over $1,000.00 in cash on the spot. This can be an extremely aggressive dog if you want, this can be a dog that all of the experts have deemed "unadoptable", it does not matter to me, a dog is a dog is a dog to me and I have not met one dog that I could not make a HUGE difference with.

I am tired of all of the killing and I am trying to show shelter workers and directors that all dogs can be rehabed, unfortunately dog people have been brainwashed in a cult like method that anything but lots of treats and lots of hugs and kisses is being abusive to dogs. If you do any corrections with a dog you are abusing and punishing a dog. The real issue is that the experts and dog behaviorists and trainers no nothing about training dogs in the real world. All they know how to do is train dogs in sterile environments that even with the best behaved dogs this type of training typically falls apart once the dog is out of the classroom. Keep in mind that all of the well educated dog people writing books that study dog behavior have spent too much time in the books and not enough time actually with dogs in a Real World environment. How many of you realize that they have dogs specially breed for places like Tufts University, special dogs that are for research that are both medically and behaviorally worked with and then KILLED when Tufts university is done with them. This is the people that are giving you advice, none of this works in your home or on the streets.

People like Sue Sternberg who believes that all pit bulls should be killed in the USA, this is the person who is designing temperment tests that are being used in thousands of shelters nationwide. She is responsible for the murder of millions of dogs. Her temperment tests are designed to find flaws in dogs in order to justify killing a dog. Sort of like, giving your child a math test and if they can add, subract, multiply but not divide then the child gets put into a specail ed glass because he must be stupid.

We should not be having people evaluate dogs in shelters and determing who dies and who lives that are actually AFRAID of dogs, just because you are afraid of Black Men that does not mean you should put them in jail, or we will have a huge black inmate issue....oh wait, we do...you should have people evaluting dogs that actually have the balls to open up a kennel door of a growling dog and actually tell the dog, QUIET....ENOUGH...NO.. and not walk away...dog trainers that walk away from growling dogs actually train dogs to growl..why would you want that trainer in your shelter....

Everyone always says that shelter workers are overworked, agreed, so instead of spending time feeding them treats and gieing them love and affection should instead be taking them on structured walks, teaching them not to jump and the place command, all of those things take only minutes a day and they will be more likely to get adopted


Autumn has come a long way in a short period of time. Autumn is a feral dog, spent the first 20 months of her life without human interaction, she is extremely averse to human contact. She has been doing great though, comes into the house when I call her, goes up into my office when I tell her to and hangs out. Always willing to go into my van for a ride to a clients house. This is a huge progress with this particular dog.


Maggie, who was locked up at a shelter for the last 3 years, without getting out of her pen because she growled at everyone that approached her, has come to me for a 3 week board and train to work on her issues. She is making incredible progress in a short period of time. Above are a few photos from Maggie getting a bath, considering having anyone approach her this is a huge accomplishment


Not only our the shelter systems flawed in the USA but the training programs do not exist and what does is flawed as it does not help the dog actually get out and have the skills to stay out of the shelter and stay with a family. We need to stop callling dogs "fur babies" or "fur kids" they are dogs and not children, they need to be treated as such and worked like a dog. They need structure, exercise, training...they do not need treats and hugs and kisses. All the love that we are giving these dogs is killing them.