There is a Fenway in Providence as well

Boston has a Fenway Park and we have a Fenway Dog, Fenway came to us from NH with some resource guarding and food aggressive issues, he was surrendered to us and we are working on these  issues with much success. Fenway is getting some great obedience work that is really bringing out the ture spirit in Fenway, He is up for adoption and should be ready in a week or so.


Once we communicated with Fenway that growling, lunging and guarding resources is not allowed. All things material belong to me and you need to ask permission for those things, and if I decide to take them back you will release them or back away without any discussion since I am the pack leader. Yes this is called dominance and I strongly believe in it, in the canine world there is something called dominance and unfortunately with all of the positive trainers in denial it does exist and it is powerful. Postitive Trainers will tell you that if you are dominant this means you are being abusive to your dog, you are punishing your dog...that thinking comes from the concpet of agility dogs and dogs that do tricks for movie and the real world bad dog behavior needs to be corrected, get the message to the dog one time and you can have a lifetime of proper behavior as you as the pack leader.


Maggie has been making some great progress as well, she listens to all of us and has not growled or shown her teeth or tried to bite for a few days.


It is so important to have dogs be in command and then test them around children, dogs need to stay in command and not break in order to keep not only your children but any child that  your kids have over to play.