Victoria Stillwell, I'll C-U-Next Tuesday

Go to the following Link to see the most upsetting piece of TV ever.

Keep in mind that Ms. Stillwell is just an actress that plays a dog trainer on TV with no dog training experience and has never actually owned a dog. This is the face of Pure Positive Dog training, this is the person that all of the folks that cannot stand Cesar Millan go to for advice. Advice like hers is what is killing the 5 million dogs a year. The dog in question that she never actually worked with is something that I work with on a daily basis with lots of success. There are so many other options than sending that dog to death, like actually working with the dog with an effective training program. I am sure that they could have found someone else to take the dog that did not have children and that could work the dog in the English Countryside.


In the above picture taken midway through our 4 mile pack walk yesterday, more than 1/2 of the dogs pictures have bitten both humans and dogs and have been able to get some training and rehab from myself and my staff.


Fenway and Maggie in a rock solid Downstay while Clover and Romy swing over them as distractions


After a 4 mile walk and it is time to get into the van, you need to sit down politely and wait until your name is called before they are allowed to proceed into the van...all part of the wonderful structure that I do with these dogs



Yep this is what a dog trainer that can actually walk a dog looks like