Occupy this!!!!

While some folks think they will be able to make change by doing sit ins, and holding up signs and complaining about the 1% that make there lives miserable. Well, I am far from the 1%, no one has handed me my job, my mortgage or any opportunity that I have had. If anyting the banks, the mortgage companies, big business, the politicians have all put road blocks in front of this long haired freak that goes against the 1 % every chance I get.

But, I also have absolutely no problem with folks becoming weatlhy, I love it when people make a great living, more money folks make, more money folks will spend, on home repairs, cars, furniture, travel, clothes, electronics, landscaping, new kitchens, floor covering, window covering, artwork and the ever growing industry of pets.

I have never in my life waited for anyone to hand me money, starting at 9 years old when I was shining shoes on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio I have been employed. I have never stopped working and most likely never will, in order to acomplish what we want in life we need to work for it and 40 hours a week just does not cut it anymore. There is money out there, money to earn, money to support yourself and your families and money for you to start becoming the 1% that you cannot stand. If you feel that there is too far of a divide between the 1% and everyone else, sitting in a park and yelling and screaming while NOT being paid is not going to sway too many people...just a thought from a long haired school drop out who loves the fact that we have a 1% that makes all of our hard work worth it.



the only type of sit in that I agree with