Place and Down Command

One of the things that we work on in every single Real World situation is the Place command and a Down/Stay, so many of the bad behavior that drives us crazy and has people turn dogs into animal shelters to eventually be killed for lack of adoption. Most bad behavior can be eliminated and corrected with some basic obedience. When a dog is in the above commands, they are not jumping on guests, jumping on you, knocking over kids, stealing food from the table, chewing the woodwork and countless other bad behavior that drives us crazy.


It is important that your dog learn how to do a downstay on at least 12 different surfaces so your dog is able to always do a down without any excuses. So it is important that your dog learn and you will never make excuses for your dog not doing a command.


Remember in my world dog training is not a series of tricks that are rewarded with food. In my world I find that by using treats and over praise it actually increases the dogs breathing and heartrate and actually does create calmness in your dog which is what you want.