Treadmill work

We work dogs on treadmills every single day..we don't use the treadmill to replace the structured walk, we do this in additon to an exercise program. It builds both mental and physcial stability, dogs love the structure and look forward to getting on the treadmill.


We often have dogs in a downstay or the Place dommand while they are waiting to get on the treadmill.


We have 6 treadmills on the property on often work 4 at a time...each dog is at a different level, some still need us to stand and help them, others just start walking when the treadmill starts moving. 3mph seems to be a good steady speed for most of the dogs.



this is at a clients house and the dogs first time on the treadmill

MVI_1153.MOV Watch on Posterous

a quick video of what it looks like for dogs going on the treadmill


We have a treadmill in our kitchen and the chihuahua's use it a couple times a day and we work dogs in downstays



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