Lets have some fun and kill some more dogs

We kill 5 million dogs a year at the tune of 500 million dollars a year..so someone is having fun and getting rich off of it. Not only are dogs being killed but puppy mills are thriving and the AKC is making 73 million dollars a year off of them.

Pure Positive trainers are part of this slaughter, folks always trash me for this comment. This is the issue. Dogs are killed every day because of simple behavior problems. For instnace when a dog growls at the food bowl and the owner asks a Pure Positve trainer to help. They will come up with some reward based training system that actually does not fix the actually bad behavior it just rewards the dog if it does not act aggressive. This is one of the simplest ways that a dog manipulates the owner and is one of the reasons that dogs are killed.

With my training I correct the hell out of dog that is food aggressive with me. This is where all of the pure postive trainers start writing me hate mail.

so..what I ask you positive trainers are you that ignorant to know how many dogs are being killed a year because of food guarding. Please go to your local shelter and take home a resource guarder and rehab it, then adopt it out and guarantee that the dog will never be killed EVER for any behavior problem. You don't have to tell me that by using a prong collar or a ecollar will make the dog more aggressive. YOU ARE 100% WRONG, how do I know because I do this every day and I have never seen a dog get more aggressive with my training, and I follow dogs for there life.



Lucy was brought to a vet to be killled by because of food aggression


Scooter the dog in tan lab/mix in the foreground is from CA, deemed dog aggressive and was going to be killed..mmm...after going to Sean O'Shea in LA then flown to me he is up for adoption. Shares a kennel with anther dog and is one of my best players with other dogs, great with humans.


Ronan, tan Turkish Kengel in foreground was deemed dog aggressive and kid aggressive, a prime candidate to be killed in our shelter system. So Ronan has complete sanctuary, he will never be killed as long as he lives with me.


Dog in foreground is HIGHLY DOG aggressive and has not been able to be around dogs up until meeting me

I work with dozens of dogs 1/1 every single week, I see dogs that Pure Positive trainers never even come in contact with.

It is important that all of you Pure Positive trainers be more open to trainers like myself that have a really great chance of rehabbing these dogs. If your training does not work, please be open to other methods in order to keep the dog alive.