Off Leash Field Work

Today I did a nice 10 dog off leash open field work for a little over an hour. I had dogs at all different training abilities. They all do know off leash recall and have all been trained on remote collars. I am fully aware that there a folks that feel that electric collars are mean and abusive, this is reinforced by Positive Dog Trainers over and over again, they thing about this is that these trainers have never actually trained a dog on a remote collar. It is sort of like a Running Coach saying that having an athlete swim laps is mean and abusive and will make the person a worse athlete. To a swim coach though it makes perfect sense that the athlete do swimming laps because the Swim Coaches Athlete is a swimmer. So both are coaches but in 2 different sports.

If you want your dog to have 100% recall training and be able to work your dog around any possible distraction there is and insure the safety of your dog and everything and everyone your dog comes in contact with Electric Collar training. I don't expect folks that train dogs for agility, show floor, flyball and just inside classrooms to even start to understand what I do and what my clients want out of there dogs.


Off_Leash_Pack_Work_-_Medium.m4v Watch on Posterous

Keep in mind that remote collar training is not a punishment or fear technqiue, it actually allows you to unleash the true spirit in the your dog.