Real World Training means REAL Safety

Today I brought 13 dog to do some off leash recall, we did both open field work as well as did some in the woods trail work, both have different issues that need to be considered especially having just one handler with 13 dogs.

With open field work dogs spread out over about 2 acres and I can see all of the dogs even when they are spread out over the field. I have no problem with a dog being 50-100yds away since I can see them. Watch on Posterous

When we enter the woods along trails the dogs can go into the woods and it is much harder to keep track of all 13, so all dogs have to stay in front of me and no farther than 20 yds away. So much more control is needed, also there is high level distractions such as deer, coyote and rabitts. Most of these dogs are all high prey drive dogs that would chase down and kill these animals. so I cannot have even 1 of the dogs come off have being focused on me and the task at hand.

the above photos are in the woods, notice how the dogs are more in a single file formation, it is important that I keep them much closer, not as much running around free as they are going from point A to point B. Watch on Posterous

When I get the pack to respond like in the above clip, this is when I know that our training is working and I can trust the pack, I also have dogs that make sure the new members will listen to recall and they will go and get the dogs that are a little slow.

Clover loves working the dogs, the dog she is working with has just come in, she is working Teddy with the Place command, you can see a dog that is not familiar with the command. Notice how she says the word one time and does not say STAY. Watch on Posterous