Dog Trainers kicking dogs out of class

I find it disturbing that so called dog trainers often kick dogs out training classes because of lunging and barking at dogs and people in the class. I was under the impression that dog training classes were for humans and dogs that needed training. Why is it that a lunging dog in a dog training class that big of a deal? This is a very basic behavior to modify in minutes and if a trainer sends away the dog and owner it is possible that the owner will feel that something is wrong with there dog and possible rehome the dog or even kill the dog. Remember 3 million dogs a year are being killed in this country and many of them are the same dogs that are kicked out of training classes.

Do all of these trainers think that a lunging dog is an aggressive dog? Give me a break, it is quite simple to get a lunging barking dog to quite down in a classroom does not take much time, unfortunately if the dog is on a flat collar, a head halter or chest harness and a bunch of treats, even yummy treats aren't going to work.

So why is it that a dog with a basic obedience problem that can be fixed in a few minutes or at least highly managed in a few minutes is being kicked out of class and possibly sentenced to death.

I know this firsthand since I get these dogs on a daily basis, frustrated owners who have dogs with what they have been told is an aggressive dog. This is a very powerful statement to make to the owner of the dog, rethink keeping the dog alive.

Let me tell you about a dog named Stone, a male mixed breed dog that was not able to get adopted from a shelter in KY, something about this dog touched the heartstrings of everyone, the problem is that he kept getting kicked out of dog training classes and no one could work him through his issues. So with all of the positive trainers within 100 miles of this shelter, where are you? why did you not help?


Within the first 12 hours of Stone being on my property he ran off leash with over 12 diffrent dogs as well as my kids. We also worked Stone on leash around dogs and kids and for some reason we did not see those same behaviors.

Why does this happen? Why do we see different behaviors than other trainers do?

Did Stone lunge at dogs on my property, of course he did, and we fixed that in about 1/10th of 1 second. With a quick pop of the leash.

Lets keep in mind that if you want to encourage your dog to lunge, pull, growl, bite, bark and generally misbehave, just don't stop them from doing those behaviors, this way you will be reinforing those behaviors.

That is why we are HUGE advocates of a prong collar, yes those metal spikey barbaric collars that you assume must hurt the dog, make them scared, nervous and aggressive. the fact is all of those things are an outright LIE and actually a huge disservice for anyone trying to train there dog.

I have trained thousands of dogs and I have never seen a dog not become an incredible dog with my training techniques which include tools such as prong collars and remote collars. The issue is about communication and consequences.

The same trainers that kicked Stone out of class will also tell you that prong collars are bad, so kicking the dog out of class is good? How does that train the dog or the owner?

So a dog on death row that has been cast aside from trainers because those trainers don't use the correct tools for this dog so they sentence the dog to death, I give the dog a split second correction with a very efficient training tools that helps the dog understand proper behavior and I am the bad guy, I am the abuser.

So I ask you all of you positive trainers out there, after looking at the photos above that were all taken with 12 hours of this dog arriving at my property. How come you don't have the tools or the expertise or the basic common sense to get a dog to behave in your class.

You should all be ashamed of yourself for not getting out of your box of treats and realize that there are other tools out there that actually work. If you don't have the basic common sense to realize that then at least you can get a list of trainers in your area that can actually train dogs.