My Official Response to Channel 10’s News Story

My Official Response to Channel 10’s News Story - Part 1 By Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training. Jeff specializes in dog training in RI, as well as anywhere else in the US.

A few weeks ago I was equally surprised and delighted that a local news station took video footage straight from my YouTube channel, and proceeded to air a story about prong collars being cruel, painful, and unnecessary tools to use on dogs. First, I’d like to say that my Youtube channel is a wonderful daily source of education, reassurance, guidance, and encouragement to both my current clients and the dog owning public with many video examples demonstrating my successful training methods. The goal in doing so is to ultimately teach as many people as possible how to deepen their bond and understanding with their dogs, allowing them to live in peace and harmony in the real world. I’d also like to mention that that just after this story aired, my business was flooded with new clients. Business has in fact, been the busiest it’s ever been in the past ten years, so in a way I’m filled with gratitude, yet, I would still like to finally get to the bottom of this here and now.

I have clients come to me on a constant basis, some crying and all frustrated. I hear the same stories each week; stories of failure, heartbreak, and near loss from people at the end of their rope, desperate for a solution to their dog’s undesirable behavior. Many of these folks had invested a tremendous amount of time and money using other trainers enforcing methods such as treats, clickers, excited voices, excessive praise, and even medication that never even touched their dogs’ behavior issues. Some people even found their dog more excitable and even harder to live with, after trying many, if not all of the largely unsuccessful training tactics commonly used by trainers all over the country.

A large percentage of the dogs I work with on a regular basis would’ve been put to death because other trainers would either not take them, or would simply give up after only a few sessions, proclaiming the dog as “untrainable”, “unmanageable” or “unadoptable”. In my opinion, these words mean, “undeserving of life”, and that is undoubtedly the most inhumane and cruel fate of all. All dogs deserve another chance to learn, and all dogs deserve a right to live. I will work with any dog out there, putting not only myself, but also my family at risk until the dog is calm and balanced, because ninety percent of the time, my training tactics work, and if for some reason they don’t, I will keep working to try and find a solution that will. When it comes down to dog training, it’s not about credentials, resumes, or prestigious schools, but rather about actually getting out there and working with dogs whether they’re gentle and calm or in a highly agitated and aggressive state.

Prong collars are safe, humane, and effective. Out of the thousands of dogs I’ve used prongs on, I’ve not once, seen an injury or broken skin due to their use. If you would like to read more about prong collars specifically, check out one of my previous blog posts HERE.

You see, I believe in dogs. I believe in dogs whether they are eager two- month- old puppies or highly aggressive dogs with extensive bite histories. I believe in their intelligence, their ability to listen, their need for guidance, and mostly, I believe in every dog’s true potential and future. I want each dog I work with to have the best possible outcome: a life of structure and fulfillment, his owner’s confidence, and the luxury of being involved with his family in ways the family may have never imagined possible. I want the relationship between human and dog to transform onto an entirely new level so both can benefit from each other for years to come.

Some may not agree with my methods due to being misinformed, or maybe don’t understand how and why these methods work, and that’s fine, because the outcome of my methods shows in my results. The results speak volumes in my clients’ lives, their dogs’ lives, and both of their lives intertwined. This isn’t just about real world training so your dog can stay in a command, but also about using logic and compassion to save lives in a time when millions of dogs need our leadership and we must unite and help one another as a nation to give each dog the best life possible. With all that they give us, it’s the least we can do for them.

There will be more to come on this important topic.

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