Three Things Your Reactive Dog Wants To Know Before He Stops Reacting

As a dog trainer who travels the country training dogs and working with 20-30 families a week in their homes it is so important for folks to understand how a dog thinks. And when there is no authority figure present, the kind of chaos and bad behavior that can happen. Remember the bad behavior of your dog is not the problem it is just the outcome of a breakdown of leadership in your home. My friend, co-host of the Train The Trainers Seminar Series, and LA dog training colleague Sean O’Shea from The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation puts out such a great blog that I feature it here on my blog. Since the message is so powerful and important it needs to be shared by all. Enjoy the read and feel free to also join his Facebook Fan Page.


Three Things Your Reactive Dog Wants To Know Before He Stops Reacting

By Sean O'Shea

The three things you’re reactive dog wants to know before he/she stops reacting…

1) Can you believably control yourself? (In times of stress and pressure are you calm, relaxed, confident, in control? Or are you unsure, nervous, tentative, angry, and stressed?)

2) Can you believably control him or her? (Are you able to keep your dog relaxed, calm, and tuned-in to you even in situations that would cause stress, anxiety, or explosions?)

3) Can you believably control the environment? (Are you able to create a safe zone around you and your dog that no other dog or person can violate?)

When you’re able to effectively master all three of these challenges, your dog will finally be able to relax knowing you’re qualified to keep them safe. Once they truly believe that you’ve “got it” they will finally be able to give up the job of attempting to do it themselves.

Without these three in place, the stress and anxiety that comes from not trusting you, themselves, or the world, will continue the cycle of reactivity.

How are you doing with the Big Three??

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