Struggling with your dog? Lets start out by KISS

Keep It Simple Silly is a great phrase to talk about the best way to start getting a handle on your dogs unwanted behavior as well as being proactive with what you want your dog to do. So many times we are just reactive to our dogs bad behavior and then we just get frustrated. Unfortunately being reactive only will not get you the great behavior that we want. Don't get me wrong, you should react to your dogs unwanted behavior with either a punisher or an interrupter. We need to also be pro active to what we want our dogs to do. So with a series of simple structure that includes, training and household mgmt you can accomplish not only the behavior that you are looking for but also the state of mind that will lead to even more wanted behaviors. The Place command is such a great command to get things going with what you want and eliminate those behaviors that you don't want, are dangerous and stress you and your dog out. The Place command is a lifesaver for so many families and dogs. What is the Place command? Your dog going to a mat/bed and goes into total relaxation mode.


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