The Art of doing Nothing, is actually something

With so many folks struggling with their dogs out of control behavior, feeling that they always have to tire their dog out physically in order to have a calm dog. So they exercise their dog for hours, run them around the back yard, take them biking, running, swimming and for some reason the dog is still out of control, still struggling with behaviors and still struggling with separation anxiety and other destructive behaviors. Then they go to mental stimulating activities, nosework, puzzles, tricks etc... All of the above are great thing to do with you and your dog and I do lots of them, but if I don't do one important thing with my dog I won't have the balance that I am looking for my dog. The magic is in the most simplest but also the most challenging for so many folks. The art of doing NOTHING, teaching dogs how to do duration work, long downs and long Place commands and this is not a pre-command, meaning, do a down and then wait in anticipation to be doing something else, this is teaching a dog to do nothing for the sake of doing nothing. The picture below is the first time this dog has done any type of duration work, this dog would not even do a down for 2 seconds, always popping up at every distraction. So we work on the dog understanding that all we are looking for is the dog to realize that there is nothing else to do but be in a down, eventually the dog will understand and then when told down the dog will just default to the resting position, with no expectation of doing anything else. FYI, this is at my colleagues Tracy Peabody business K9 Rules Training Camp and a dog she has in for board and train. IMG_8231