the cool thing about using an Aversive/Punishment

chocolate I love this photo, the reason is because is brings up a really great point that I try to make, the dog ate chocolate and most likely the vet office induced vomiting,why? a dog can die from eating chocolate. So if not brought to the vet, the dog could have died. Also the dog after this vet visit, which was painful for the dog and pricey for the owner, the dog will still eat chocolate, unfortunately this episode in the vet office and the expense of the owner is not incentive enough to stop the eating of the chocolate or any other dangerous food or items. The really great thing about using an aversive as part of a training plan for families. The unwanted eating of chocolate or any other item you do not want your dog to eat can be done in a 3 second protocol. How, as you know we use remote collars as part our training, 90% of the time we use this at a working level (i have videos on this) which is similar to any leash pressure that you would do with a slip lead, but for things like this, you would do it at a very high level (ie: underground fence level) why? you want the dog to understand even without human interaction the dog understands that certain items ie: things on counters, socks, clothes, trash cans, litter boxes etc.. are off limits, it takes 3 seconds, does it hurt? damn right it hurts? as it should, you need a heck of a lot of a negative consequence to permanently stop an unwanted and dangerous behavior. No reward for NOT eating the chocolate is going to stop the dog from eating the chocolate, a negative consequence that the dog will forever remember MUST happen. We are talking life and death of a family pet and it is done in 3 seconds.