Eu não entendo, I don’t understand

I decided to go to Brazil to do a seminar, it was my first time there and I was excited about a new country that I could expand my RV Dog Training Seminar to. The first night I got there and I checked into a local AirBnB I was heading back to my room and i heard sirens in the distance, then I heard them closer and then closer and then I saw them and 3 polícia cars pull up step out and with guns drawn start screaming, Levante as mãos, deixe-me ver suas mãos, deixe-me ver suas mãos...the only phrase I know is Eu não entendo,você fala inglês?( i don’t understand, do you speak english) so again they are getting more and more agitated and repeat: Levante as mãos, deixe-me ver suas mãos, deixe-me ver suas mãos. So again I say the one phrase that I know, Eu não entendo,você fala inglês? ( I don’t understand , do you speak english), Not any of them speaking back to me in English i decided to reach into my back pocket and grab my passport to hand to them, they scream, começar suas mãos fora de seus bolsos, deixe-me ver suas mãos, (get your hand out of your pocket) I am saying, Passport, Passport I will show you my Passport. So I take my right hand and reach into my back pocket to take out my passport and shots rang out, I remember 2 shots before I hit the ground. The next thing I remember is I woke up in the hospital, which is cool, it meant that I was alive. I looked around and saw a guard standing at the door, a handcuff on one of my arms and tubes going into my arms and a huge amount of pain coming from my leg and my chest. I doctor came in and in English explained what happened and told me that I was lucky to be alive. He asked me what had happened and I told him. He walked away shaking his head.

A few minutes later I well dressed very attractive woman came in and I was like Yes!!!! sponge bath time, I love Brazil!. Uhh NO, she was from the American consulate and her name was Isabelle, and told me what had happened and that I was lucky I was not killed and the officers were telling me to put my hands up, get on the ground, and when I reached around to get my passport they yelled at my to get my hands out of my pocket and to show my hands, they thought I had gun and shot me. She highly suggested that I learn some basic Portuguese for situations like this ASAP so this does not happen again, she mentioned that she could help me learn Portuguese. so I agreed and when I was discharged from the hospital we met up and she has a unique way of teaching. She had me stand in front of her and she then said, Levante as mãos as she slowly grabbed my hands and moved them over my head so I was holding them over me head, then she let go of them and gave me a kiss. She did this with me 12 times, same thing each time, said Levante as mãos as she raised them over my head and gave me a kiss, on the 13th time she said it but did not touch my hands, i just raised them over my head and I got a kiss.

She did the following routine for ficar no chão (get on the ground), começar suas mãos fora de seus bolsos,(get your hands out of your pocket) deixe-me ver suas mãos (let me see your hands), same thing each time, she used her hands to guide me into position and then gave me a kiss after I did it and on the 13th time started to ask me with no hand guidance.

We did all of this on week 1 meeting each day for 3 hours, when I met her on week 2 she brought out a collar that she said gave a light stim, I’m thinking jackpot, just like I am in Amsterdam again. This time she stood in front of me and she pushed a button on the collar and asked me to tell her when I felt the littlest pulse or tingle, after about 15 seconds I told her I did, it was very gentle, just the smallest pulse feeling on my neck. She told me great now we have another way to communicate as well. She then went through all of the commands of the commands that we had worked the week before.

This time when she said the command she held down the button at a nice low level and when I completed the command the stim stopped and a got a kiss 2 X as long as last week. WOW!!!! I love this remote collar training..we did a short training session and then she left, and all I could think of was how I can’t wait til she comes back to do some more training with the remote training collar.

She came back the next day and had the remote collar in her hand, I actually noticed that first about her..I mean she is a super sexy woman, but that remote, that means, work and kisses so I was glad she had it with her..I politely stood still as she put it on my neck and then she immediately started giving me commands in Portuguese and pressed the remote and I felt a light pressure on my neck and then when I finished the commands she gave me a kiss. This went on for 2 more weeks. She asked me if I was ready to take it to the next level...I’m thinking, Brazil...Brazilian thongs, Brazilian waxing..i am going hell yeah..i’ll take remote collar training to the next level. She said she was going to come back with a bunch of her friends it is safe to say. I did not sleep that night.

When she arrived back the next day she came with 4 of the sexiest woman I have met, all of them asked me if I wanted to hang out and play...when I was able to put my tongue back in my mouth I said, eu adoraria, ( I would love to, I picked that one up by myself ). So they took me into the middle of the room and I was hanging out chatting with them. Meanwhile Isabelle was saying to me “Levante as mãos” and she said it 3 or 4 times but I did not respond (actually I was not even paying attention to her) so then I felt a higher stim on my neck that immediately got my attention and I turned to Isabelle since I know she controls the remote collar and again she says in a nice soft voice “Levante as mãos” and I immediately put my hands up,  I told her with all the distractions around I was not paying attention to her, I was not ignoring her at all. She told me it was no problem that is why we have been spending so much time on training before I put you in this high distraction situation. So she told me to go play with my new friends, so i walked out into the middle of the room and we talked some more...maybe about 12 more times she was giving me commands in Portuguese and only 2 times did she give me a hgher stim, I was more in tune with her as I realized that I need to still stay connected with her even when I was off doing other things. We ended the session she left with all of her friends.

Later that night as I was back in my hotel room I was thinking about the last few weeks training with Isabelle, how when I first met her and she would speak to me softly and move my hands into position over and over again, and kiss me every time I got it correct. Then the next week she stopped using her hands and just told me the commands and when I did them I got a kiss, we then moved onto the remote collar and it was so gentle and I still got a kiss and I learned when the collar went on and then when I finished the commands the collar went off.

The best part was her friends coming and even when I had to get a higher stim, I was okay with it. I mean it was my fault, i should have been paying attention to her. So after we built up a nice 1 month relationship and even with her giving me a high stim for not paying attention to her, but since she was so gentle with me at the start and there were so many kisses involved. Even though she took the kisses away and corrected me for not listening I still got to hang out with her and that was the best reward ever and I was falling in love with her.