14 Week Old Puppy

I wanted to start off by thanking Jeff and all of the wonderful staff at solid k9 training. I was a new dog owner with a 14-week old puppy who was out of control in the house, constantly biting hands, pulling on walks, with no structure in its life and I had no idea how to correct it. I walked into solid k9 training with my puppy pulling in front of me smelling everything in sight and looking for some hands to bite. After a one hour session, I walked out with a 14-week old puppy walking by my side focused on me instead of everything around him that was already remote collar trained to sit, go to place, come and that was only the beginning. Once I arrived at home I had a much calmer puppy who was not running around the house because he was too busy, to busy focusing on me and what I wanted next, hand biting dramatically declined, why because he was to busy focusing on me. Family and friends could not believe the difference and neither could I. My friends didn’t believe it was even possible to have a puppy so young so well behaved. I can’t thank Jeff and John enough. The best investment I could have ever made in both mine and my dog's life period. Thank you for everything


amanda hillegas