A New Dog

I adopted Boomer in May 2011 from a Tennessee rescue group. He came with the usual behaviors which I assume are common to all rescue dogs. He was timid, easily excited, had excessive barking, jumped fences and the only command he knew was “sit”. I was fortunate enough to know some people who had trained their dogs with Jeff and showed me the basic commands of place, down and heel. I also started watching Jeff’s training videos and webinars and worked with Boomer on a daily basis. He did very well to a certain extent but would never hold a command for more than a few minutes. Although I had spoken personally to Jeff on the phone and did get a remote collar, I was not able to have Boomer formally trained by Jeff at the time.

When I moved to Connecticut last year, his old behaviors resurfaced along with an aggression towards any vehicle or person who approached our home. I contacted Solid K9 and scheduled Boomer for a 3 week Board and Train. Although I had used Jeff’s training methods before and knew they were effective, I was still skeptical that all these negative behaviors could be eliminated. Was I ever wrong!

The dog that came home from Jeff’s facility was not the same dog who I had dropped off there three weeks earlier. Using the commands I was taught, along with the remote collar, Boomer has become the dog I always wanted him to be. He listens, he holds commands until released and wonder of wonders, he was able to remain calm and in place when the doorbell rang. I am learning to use commands and the remote collar more efficiently and in a calmer manner thanks to ‘my’ training with Jeff.

To say that Jeff and his staff, are great trainers, is an understatement.
Although always professional, Jeff is personable and easy to talk to. His manner in working with Boomer, while firm and confident, was also done in a manner conducive to producing calmness in the dog as well as the dog’s owner. His training facility is spotless, secure and state of the art and I felt perfectly comfortable in leaving my dog in his staff’s care.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jeff and Solid K9 training to anybody looking for a trainer that enables a dog to become, not only a great family member but a dog that remains calm and in control whatever the situation that may be encountered in today’s world.



amanda hillegas