Amazing Person & Trainer

I have not been fortunate enough yet to work directly with Jeff in person, but I have been following him on social media for a while now and have spoken with him via Skype sessions several times. Out of the small community of trainers I follow, he is definitely my favorite. He’s extremely helpful and always wants what’s best for the owners. Maybe some people are put off by his honesty and bluntness, but I absolutely love it. In this day and age where people are mostly sensitive or afraid to speak the truth because of other people’s opinions, it is so refreshing to hear him talk. Speaking and following Jeff has allowed me to stand up for myself more as well as for my dog. Our training has been a long journey since Rylai was a puppy and even though we started on structure and obedience a little later than I would’ve liked (6 months), I am so glad that we managed to get to where we are today. We had a very tense relationship when she was younger, but now things are for the most part pretty great. I am always learning new things about dog training and seeing Jeff’s free Skype sessions is always enlightening and just helps all owners to not feel alone with their problems. He’s truly a phenomenal person and I hope that sometime this year I will be able to attend one of his seminars. You’re the best, Jeff. Thank you so much for helping me!

amanda hillegas