Two French Bulldogs

I have two French bulldogs, a 2 yr old male who I got at 8 wks old, and a 1.5 yr old female who I adopted at a year old. The male is extremely smart, easily learns , but stubborn and spoiled (yes, my fault). The female had extreme resource guarding issues when she came to us , and was very aggressive towards my male. Jeff was recommended to me by my brother who had great results with a difficult dog. After watching endless you tube videos, a few skype sessions and a 2 day training seminar which I am lucky to live close enough to attend, I am happy to say harmony has been restored in our household. I not only learned how to properly correct my dogs, but how my own behaviors were creating issues as well. Thank you Jeff and Solid K9 training for giving us the tools needed to enjoy life with two happy loving dogs.

Danell Rezendes

amanda hillegas