Believe In Training & See It Work Quickly

Jeff, we’ve had two 1 on 1 sessions with Jon. We’ve seen more improvement in those two sessions than the previous four months. Romeo is not aggressive, he is very friendly. We were just really interested mostly obedience/walking/ and teaching him to control his energy. We’ve had this bed for months and Romeo never bothered to use it. After one lesson with Jon, and practicing place at home, he now will go on the bed on his own. And he actually held place as our cats walked by him. Normally he is chasing them to try and play, even though they want nothing to do with it. We are still working on duration. But the fact that he goes to it on his own, or goes to it when we tell him to is awesome. And we went from basically giving up on walking him ( we had tried the start/stop method, the change direction method, the bribe with treat method) to one session with the prong. After that one session, we (me, my fiancé, and dog) are going on peaceful 40-minute structured walks. After the second lesson, we incorporated the remote collar, and it is truly amazing. And all the anti prong/remote collar info out there gave me a little bit of concern at the beginning. But I trusted your methods, and he gets excited now as soon as he sees those collars come out. So that put my mind at ease very quickly. Jon is an awesome trainer, and Romeo is still the fun-loving goofy friendly dog he was, but now we can bring him out stress-free and not worry about him pulling at every person or dog he sees. And the walks now tire him out much more than when he was pulling all over the place. I always felt the bond with him, but now the bond is truly greater. He checks in with us before leaving his crate, and before each door. I love when he gives me the ” what do you want me to do next” look that you always refer to. It is awesome to actually believe in the training and to see it work so quickly. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are so excited to see where he will be at the end of the training and to continue it. Just wanted to share that with you and your staff.


amanda hillegas