Best Thing I've Ever Done

I just wanted to give you an update of our progress since our training session with you in Germany this spring.

First of all I must say how deeply thankful I am over the remote collar as a working tool. I never imagined it would be of so much use! I went into this with an opened mind but was so focused on recall that I completely put aside all the other options. It turned out off leash heel was what I needed most and use many times every day. So valuable for me I have no idea how I even survived before!

Our biggest problem before seeing you was that Julio wasn’t rock solid in the recall (a lot of sniffing going on off leash if you remember) and he was also aggressive towards my horse, and I really wanted to bring him with me when riding.

Well, a couple of weeks after our training session I moved my horse to an active stable in Germany, and since remote collars are forbidden there I do not dare to use it when I’m in the stable and therefore haven’t had the opportunity to try to bring Julio with me when I go riding outdoors.( I am quite sure it would work well though.)

Instead, I bring him when I ride my bicycle and that works wonders! It’s a perfect way to exercise him and it took him only five-ten meters before he understood the concept, so now we go biking (almost) on a daily basis. Only the first time I had him on leash but since then he is off leash and stays right next to me all the time, amazing!

The recall works 100 %. I took it very slow with him in the beginning and it took almost two months until I had him off leash, but then he completely understood and everything went real quick. As an example, I must tell you that we had construction workers at home for over three weeks. That would not have been possible before (without locking Julio into a room, having him barking all day) but now I just put him on place and there he stayed, while the workers went in and out carrying material and leaving the front door open most of the time. I felt so proud over what we have accomplished.

There is also no more barking at the neighbours cats and dogs in the garden and we have been able to relax quietly outdoors, even though neighbours pug has been barking repeatedly. But here I must add that if he does not wear the remote collar, he too will run along the fence barking, so I must really make sure not to let him out there without it.

There is also some occasional barking/lunging at dogs we meet outside on leash, but only when I am too late to spot them or we run into them around a corner or something sudden. But 99 % of the times he is fine. I felt it was quite difficult in the beginning to turn the remote up slowly when I didn’t get any response from Julio, it happened many times that I accidentally turned it up too much and he ended up squeaking and jumping because of that instead. But I’ve had a lot of training now.

So Jeff, thank you again for teaching me how to work the remote collar, it was the best thing I’ve ever done! I could never imagine having my dog off leash in the way I can now.

Susanna, Manu and Julio from Luxembourg!

amanda hillegas