Better Communication

I absolutely recommend Solid K9 Training for anybody who would like to have real communication with their dog. When I sent my rescue dog into Solid K9 he was nervous and fearful to a debilitating level. He was great with people, great with dogs, but absolutely horrible with modern technology. The sound of a car door shutting would send him scrambling for the hills.

After three weeks in the Board & Train program, his confidence had skyrocketed. He is still a naturally nervous dog, but the team at Solid K9 gave him a base level of confidence which I could simply never have provided him in a very short amount of time. They gave us the tools to work together and communicate.

I recently went on vacation and dropped my dog off at the board and play program for the first time since his training. I figured my dog would obviously be nervous and bummed to leave me, but the second he saw the trainers his tail started blasting back and forth like a windshield wiper and he completely forgot who I was. He ran off into the kennel area without even saying goodbye. After that performance my vacation was 100% guilt-free.

If you need better communication with your dog, don t hesitate to go with the team at Solid K9


amanda hillegas