Changes Noticed Immediately

I have been meaning to write you thank you for teaching our newest addition to our family, Rita how to actually be a part of our family. This is not my first dog and I feel that my wife and I did a very good job with our last dog Louise who sadly had to be put down 6 months before we got Rita. Rita came from the pound to us this past summer. Rita had been with us for four months prior to us calling Jeff at Solid K9 training. In those four months, Rita was developing into a bit of a nuisance as most untrained puppies can be and we were beginning to become concerned. With 3 children under the age of 7 we just did not have the time in our schedule to get Rita to be the type of dog that we wanted and expected to have.We are both teachers and had two weeks before school started to get Rita in shape. We researched trainers and my wife found Solid K9 Training. After reading testimonials we decided Solid K9 training was for us. We then discussed our schedules with Jeff and he went over the different programs and we decided the 2-week board and train would be best. Jeff explained that he would pick Rita up with no fanfare and that we would be updated over the 2 weeks with Facebook videos and pictures. (Rita would have no problem going back there it was clear she was learning a lot and playing hard.) The kids enjoyed seeing the Rita videos and pictures of her playing and learning over the two weeks. Jeff also explained that when he returned we would take a walk with him and Rita to review what it is that we have to learn. When Rita returned to us she was a new dog. The changes in her behavior were noticed immediately by us as well as friends and neighbors, it was truly an amazing transformation. She came back from Jeff and met our expectations. I can’t explain it any better than she understood what was expected of her. The work was not over though. we continued to work on what Jeff had taught us on the first visit and had an additional follow up lesson at the beach that addressed having Rita come when called and how to behave off-leash. My expectations of my dog are pretty simple, I want to be able to take my dog anywhere and not have to worry about her whereabouts or her behavior and to be attentive to me. I am proud to say that Rita is no longer a nuisance. She has been integrated into our family as one of the family and is not a nuisance to us or others because she understands what our expectations are in any setting. The piece of mind that this affords is immeasurable.
Another important thing to note is that I mentioned to Jeff that I am an avid mountain biker and that I wanted to teach Rita how to ride with me and eventually with a group of riders. Jeff explained that he would come down and go on a ride with me to help. I decided that I would have a try myself and then call Jeff if I needed to. I never had to call Jeff. I never had to call him because of the basic behaviors that Jeff taught Rita and explained to us provided such a good foundation that it only took 3 rides for me to teach her what was expected on the trail. Rita is my riding buddy she goes on every ride with me she receives praise for both how well she behaves on the trail as well as out and about town. We are so glad that we decided to call Jeff at Solid K9. I consider Jeff our friend and trainer. Thanks Jeff

Sean & family

amanda hillegas