Instant Results

I grew up in Denver, CO where pit bulls and pit bull “types” are banned by city law. After seeing people have their family pet confiscated and killed by such ridiculous regulations, I became an advocate for bully breeds.

My husband and I adopted Rocky, a one-ish-year-old pit bull/ great Dane mix who had gone from the streets to a kill shelter to a foster home with very little structure in between. As cute as he was, he exhibited a lot of behavior that would have kept him from being adopted by most people- biting the leash, nipping at hands and clothes, being generally disrespectful of human space and authority.

A week after we brought Rocky home we began working with Jeff. When I say there were instant results, I am not exaggerating. After addressing our issues on the walk, we moved inside to learn the Place command, which immediately began to change his energy in the house. From there on we were able to build a really solid foundation based on Jeff’s philosophy that dog training is not learning a series of tricks, it’s teaching your dog how to make good choices in the real world.
In our 6 short sessions, Rocky has gone from a pushy brat to a respectful, focused dog. He is able to run and play off leash thanks to our remote collar training. Most importantly, he has become a shining example of his breed. My hope is that he inspires more people to take a chance on a bully rescue.

Thank you so much, Jeff for the work you’ve done with us, but also for the work you do every day to help rehab and re-home these dogs who wouldn’t get a second look otherwise!
Keep up the great work, and if there is anything we can do to help the cause, please don’t hesitate to ask.
With Gratitude,

Rehannen F

amanda hillegas