Kind & Caring

I highly recommend Solid K9 Training, I can’t say enough wonderful things about them. I had adopted a 6-month-old shar-pei/ hound mix and have an 11-year-old cairn terrier. They seem to get along fine but progressively started excessively barking at each other and were very chaotic together. Long story short Maggie, the puppy, had attacked Nala. She was ok but did require stitches. They had gone at it a few times but this was bad and left us feeling that we had to find Maggie a new home. The thought of this broke my heart for many reasons. I reached out to many trainers and “dog specialists” and not 1 of them said it was fixable, I was told that 2 female dogs that do not get along is the hardest thing to make work. They left me with literally zero hope. I even went on multiple forums and Googled everything imaginable and again all I found was the same….no hope. Then late, late at night I came across Solid K9 Training and couldn’t believe they were so close. I immediately messaged Jeff with my story and he replied almost instantly and assured me my situation was totally fixable and I did not have to relocate Maggie. He was the ONLY one that gave me hope. He called me the next morning and helped lay out the plan. I did the 3-week board and while she was there I watched all the training videos and worked my other dog at home. I was afraid that Nala was so traumatized and would never give Maggie a chance again but that was not the case. I realize now that everything I did contributed to them fighting….toys all over, allowing her on the couch, and the bed….basically let her have it all. Now my home is quiet and peaceful, they get along so well and Maggie is a happy little love that is so well behaved. I am now able to take them together on walks off leash in the woods and every time I give a command she listens. Jon was so incredible with Maggie and was extremely patient, straightforward, and kind with us. We have continued to participate in the group classes on Sunday’s which are extremely helpful to keep us in check with her training. All of the staff is so kind and caring and all the dogs seem so happy, Maggie actually gets excited when we pull up to the training center. I can't say enough good things about them and highly recommend them to anyone. Words really can’t express what they have done for us in helping us help Maggie. Big THANKS to everyone at Solid K9 Training!!


amanda hillegas