Life Altering

Thank-you for sharing with the solid K9 team. Words truly can’t even begin to express how appreciative we are of all of you for the change you have effected in Stanley. Very life altering. The entire family had a great time doing the Cliff Walk on Saturday evening. We were so amazed to see how much Stanley loved and enjoyed the challenge of being on rocky terrain. He is very athletic so there were a few “steps” where instead of taking the easier route he just flat foot jumped it. We were amazed! Back in January, this is a dog we couldn’t get out of a crate. Now we have a dog who is loving hikes!

Wish all of you could have seen him after the hike, as he strutted around the house like a peacock tail wagging and big toothy Stan grin. Even though it was a good 4-5 mile walk/hike, he wasn’t exhausted at the end either. He’s come a long way. Talk about a much better quality of life.

Anyhow, thank-you so very much. We wanted to share an update so all of you could have a fantastic Monday!


amanda hillegas