Life Changing For Dog & Owner

We were pretty close to either giving up or putting down our two and a half year old corgi for some pretty serious food aggression, resource guarding, and issues being physically handled. Our dog wouldn’t accept collars and could barely be let out of the crate without finding something to guard and get aggressive over. Feeding time was the scariest time of my day, I’d basically throw the food bowl on the ground and run out of the room to avoid being attacked. Getting her in the crate was even worse. It was a delicate dance to get her inside without lunging out, and cheese was the only way to lure her in. And we’d certainly tried other trainers – we’d been to Puppy Obedience, a Certified Animal Behaviorist, even tried “Bark Busters”. Nothing worked to fix the issues, only to band-aid them.  We were definitely at our wits end living with this dog and didn’t want to anymore.

I found Jeff and Solid K9 Training through a YouTube search on how to get a dog desensitized to a collar, and I knew this was the trainer I had to send her to. We were not going to be able to work through these issues on our own.

A few months later we sent Moxie for a five-week board and train, where John, Spencer, and the rest of the staff worked Moxie on ALL her issues – food, handling, guarding, crate entry, reactivity. When I came in for my mid-training about three weeks in, I already saw a difference – Moxie was wearing collars, Moxie was staying in place, Moxie was listening to commands and was responding to correction. At her pick-up, I had to start putting collars and leashes on, which for me having been bit so many times was really terrifying. John was so patient, helpful, and encouraging, and upon leaving I was able to put on and take off Moxie’s e-collar and prong.

Since bringing her home, we’ve definitely had to troubleshoot some issues, but the entire staff at Solid K9 Training have been so responsive to emails and calls, and John has been amazing with follow-up. We’ve even boarded her there since, and I am so confident leaving her there not just because I know she’ll be safe and well taken care of, but also because I know everything we’ve worked on will be reinforced while she’s there which is so important to me.

We now have a dog that just chills out in place, doesn’t pull on walks, doesn’t bite when being pet, who loves people and just wants to be with us. I have a dog who is excited to see me come home, and who I am excited to come home to.

If you have a dog with any aggression issues, PLEASE do not put it down. It can be worked through. Solid K9 Training is absolutely the place to do it. We would never have known the awesome dog Moxie was underneath all the issues without them, so thank you to Solid K9 Training (most ESPECIALLY John) for helping us save our dog’s life.

Courtney Zamm

amanda hillegas