They Gave Me The Tools & Confidence

Making the decision to send Macy, our 18-month-old rescue dog, to the 3-week board & train wasn’t easy. She wasn’t lashing out, biting others, played very well with other dogs, and was overall a happy and easy puppy. However, she didn’t listen to us, has a high prey drive which made walks difficult and wild, and was starting to exhibit bratty behavior – case and point, we created an entitled dog who thought she was in charge. Solid K9 gave us the confidence and tools to work to reestablish our relationship with her and as I type this post she is asleep in “place”, and has been in place for 2 hours, cool as a cucumber while I do things around the house. Today is our first day home from her board & train, happy to say we are sending her back soon while we travel out of the country for two weeks. Highly, highly recommend this training facility and all of their staff members!!

Molly Margaret

amanda hillegas