Who let the dogs out ?

Today (Saturday) was a big play day for all of the dogs..we play everyday..but today some of the kids joined in...starting with my 1 year old Romy who played with Squid inside the house and then Lucy (12) and her friend Olivia who played with lots of dogs in the main yard. We all have worked hard this week..the kennel has been full....the weather has been challenging... all of the dogs have been doing really well with their training and I am thrilled with all of the new clients I am getting and the progress that they are all making.....i am excited as the upcoming RI Pet Show.....on the 8th and 9th of March..i will have 2 booths and I will be selling many items from my shopping cart section on my website..i will have them at the show and selling them at a discount as well as booking new business for training.

these photos were taken at dusk so the flash was going off therefore the photos have an unusual look to them