Hail Caeser

Ceaser is a 17 month old GSD who is a 6 week B & T dog and he is doing AWESOME....he has joined my morning pack and loves jumping into the van to head to the East Side for a long walk.

Caeser waiting for me to take him for a long walk

 Caeser part of my morning pack with Bella, Uma and Max

Every Day all of the dogs have been going swimming numerous times and are loving it especially since we have been training really hard and the swimming not only cools them off it also tires them out...

 Caeser loves the pool and has been going in and chasing balls and swimming around

 Its a dog toy, No its a chihuahua, No its a dog toy, No its a chihuahua, No its.........

Tomorrow I pick up a dog from TF Green airport, Oliver is a Standard Poodle coming in from Cleveland Ohio.