Clover earning her keep

Clover went to some clients with me this weekend to work with dogs that needed some distraction training....dogs that have either never worked with kids or have shown aggression with kids.

Clover...hey...arent you supposed to be working with dogs...did you start a cat training business

Clover giving gardening advice....hey..wait a minute....aren't you supposed to be helping with the dogs.

no she's working.....Quincy who has a habit of lunging at kids is in an intense downstay while Clover walks around her...

Clover working with Rose who's owners are having a baby in a few weeks...learning how to do place command with distractions

Clover resting in between clients..

Fargo being board....

Clover did a great job....she works so hard for me...she loves working with dogs..and all that have met her are blown away at her natural ability to work and understand dogs....she is wise beyond her years..