NYC and back again and loving it

I was in NYC for 20 hours this week...i dropped off Bard and Dharma to Jen in NYC and picked up 2 other dogs. It was a nice trip..i brought Clover with me. We hung out with Olivia in her new loft apartment for a little..ordered in Sushi and then slept in the van....Jen offered a place to sleep to us and Clover politely said that she wanted to sleep in the van with the dog. After dinner with Olivia she also offered to have Clover sleep in her room but Clover insisted on sleeping in the after dinner we went into the van and brushed our teeth and slept..the next morning we were up at 6am and took Olivia to the bus stop to head up to Boston...we then hung out and walked around SoHo while we waited to pick up Buckley and Tilly.

Clover and myself with her new American Girl Doll Julie hanging out on Olivias couch..we went to the American Girl store as soon as we dropped off Bard and Dharma

Olivia and Clover hanging out

Bard and Dharma hanging out back home in NYC..they

Clover brushing her teeth in the van before bedtime..she did a great was very windy most of the night and got pretty cold..the dogs keep the van warm though.

After picking up the dogs to head back to NYC they jumped right into the we drove back with 5 dogs which worked out fine.

Tilly fell asleep next to me during the ride home...she was very happy to see me..

dharma and clover hang out during the drive to NYC

I have gotten many requests for pictures of my feet while I am driving....

The trip was great...Clover did great...all of the dogs love walking around NYC..