Its Raining Dogs and Dogs

It was great working in the rain today.....I love working outside no matter what the weather is...and so do the dogs......all of you know that I don't like to hear about you not walking your dogs because it is raining or cold...well....get your rain gear or cold weather gear on and get outside with your dogs..we live in NE and we have weather...

Rocky working on his commands in the builds lets the dog know that no matter what is going on a command is a command

Romy and Clover hanging out with Bariba and Mocha after breakfast...since both dogs live in NYC in a highrise...I have started them on a great indoor program of scheduled play inside and then get them to settle down on command..they need to realize that when their owners tell them to calm down they need to do it.....the kids are a great help with this..

Clover and Linda help Romy with the potty...she will be 2 years old in a couple of weeks

When I drive around with 8 dogs Piper is always jockeying for postion...he loves looking out the this photo he is behind me sitting on the top of my stove in my van...I just turned my cellphone around and took a picture and this is what I got...

Biriba working on his downstay...the photo looks funny since it is taken at night and the flash created the glowing in his eyes....Biriba is only 5 months old and he is doing well..he really understands my training methods...Biriba held the downstay for about 5 minutes..

Roca and Mocha getting to know each other....Roca is a 100lb long haired Akita that is about 10 months old...he has been doing great and has not attacked me for over 1 week.... which is great for him.

Biriba and Mocha both hanging out with Roca.....again the glare on the dogs jackets is because this was taken at night and the flash needed to be used.  The first day I brought them up from NYC they did not want to have anything to do with any of the other dogs..the following day they are warming up and venturing out into the play yard..