New England Winter Storm

Today we are scheduled to get a big storm and it looks like we are having a great start. I was on the road by 7am today and the roads kept getting worse and worse, by 4pm it was time ot come off the road, the main roads were okay, but the side roads were not that great.


This is Lexi who spent 2 weeks at my board and train and today was my at home follow up visit, she lives on a few acres with woods and trails behind her house, but was never able to enjoy them, with off leash recall work though, Lexi can run and enjoy the woods and her spirit has been unleashed. She comes back to her owner 100% of the time when she is called, even with high level distractions.

One of my clients wanted to play with my dogs after I did some training with there new puppy, so I let Roca, Max and Uma out of the van and they ran around with the kids. This is Roca, when Roca was 10 months old he severely attacked his owner, I was hired to take him to the vet to be killed, instead I offered to take him, he bit me daily for about a month, (thats because I never walk away from a growling dog, I walk toward them) after 18 months of living with my pack and me, he has become one of my best greeters, he always sits automatically for everyone to get his pets, and is great around all dogs.

Max, Uma amd Roca ran around with one of my clients dogs. It is so great that they can help unleash the spirit in so many dogs

there 3 kids all felt very comfortable around Roca which is so important

this may be the ultimate optimist, this young lady client of mine is 93 and she just got a new puppy who is 1 years old this week


More dogs on treadmills for the first time this week. I train so many dogs on treadmills every week, and the dogs love it, they love the mental and physical exercise

Ronan in a downstay while the girls open up there christmas presents.

Romy turns 4 years old today, she has been training dogs for 2 years and is growing up so fast, this is daughter number 6 for me.