Eating like a king

Today was a plethora of carnivourous debauchery as a went from client to client.


It all started this morning in Jamaica Plain, MA early this morning as I picked up Bowie from his home for a nice 10 day stay at the kennel

This dog has given me the onion bagel with a shmear of cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers...nice..


Then off to East Greenwhich to work with a family with a young puppy for some training and some dog/dog socialization

Roca loves meeting kids and having so many families as clients Roca gets plenty of meet and greets and since he looks and feels like a bear the kids love him.

With this client I enjoyed some home made pizza with pesto sauce after doing some nice training

Then off to Wrentham to work with a clients dog that needed some off leash recall work and dog/dog work. I had Max, Uma and Roca with me and they always helps out with dog/dog issues.

Ivy learned so much today...

After this training I enjoyed a wondefful home made meatball sandwich...

Busy day and lots of fun.. was had by all