Don't knock it til you have tried it

Today I had another wonderful session with a client that utilzed the tools of remote collar training. There is so much incorrect information about electric collars out there. All from folks that have actually never used them. If I meet a trainer that does not use them. I wonder how they are able to take packs of dogs off leash in the wilderness, to the beach, in crowded areas and have 100% control. I am not talking about inside of a classroom, I am talking about on a beach next to a busy highway, with horses on trails walking by, young children running around chasing balls, other people on the beach with dogs both off leash and on leash, how do you control your dog 100% of the time. The answer is they don't, no matter what they tell you they don't. A "positive reinformcement trainier" that talks bad about training with electric collars is not able to take dogs off leash in high distraction places.