Berkley, the dog not the school

had a new dog come into the kennel yesterday for some board and train, the family just adopoted 2 young children from Russia, so instant family and there is a much needed demand for a babyproofed dog as well good old fashioned basic training

dogs go onto the treadmill on day one. it is such a vital skill for a dog to learn to utilize the treadmill for both physcial and mental stimulation

Berkley with Max in my kitchen in a downstay, while the kids do some schoolwork

Berkley and Max in a sit/stay in the kitchen. by nature they most likely will want to lay down, but it is important that dogs understand commands even if they don't understand why we tell them to do something..


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this is the first visit at this clients house, they have 4 dogs, all full of energy and they have taken over the house, jumping on eveyone, playing and running in the house. the inside energy was not calm, outside is for running and playing, inside is for calm. in a matter of minutes i was able to communicate with 2 of the dogs what place is and let the other 2 run around, so not only are they learning the PLACE command but the PLACE command with distractions, they owners also both left the room, went outside, rang the doorbell, knocked on the door and the dogs stayed in the homework this week is to continue with all 4 dogs learning place with distractions....what does this mean. It means this house will go from a noisy, out of control house to a calm and quiet house in less than a week.