At Solid K9 Training, we understand the importance of developing a unique real world dog training program that brings out each dog’s full potential so they can exist in harmony with their owners each and every day. We are not just focused on teaching your dog obedience commands, but more importantly to make good choices on their own, access a calm and relaxed state of mind, and live harmoniously with you, as their leader and guide. When all of these things are in place, you will see a significant improvement in your dog, and your relationship will transform into the type of bond you may have never imagined possible. We will train any dog, regardless of breed, shape, size or history. Solid K9 is one of a handful of trainers that, not only WILL work with, but successfully trains and rehabilitates aggressive dogs that have a history of biting other dogs, and/or people.


Every dog deserves a chance to learn and to live, and we believe every dog has the potential to be simply awesome. Solid K9 Training has a world renowned reputation with working with and rehabbing aggressive dogs. Most likely your dog will need intense training in order to prepare your dog for a group setting as well as certain safety protocols will need to be in place to protect your dog, other dogs and staff.If your dog has been kicked out of or refused entry into other training and daycare facilities, here at Solid K9 Training we have a program for you and your dog. Jeff has an incredible staff of trainers, kennel staff and office staff that keep the facility running 24/7/365. If you are struggling, we want to help. We can't wait to meet you, we can't wait to meet your dog. You've come to the right place, so let's get started. 




I’m Jeff Gellman, the dog trainer other trainers recommend for dogs that have INTENSE behavioral problems that have not been fixed elsewhere. But I do not just work to correct behavioral problems with dogs – I can prevent such problems from happening in the first place.

The greatest thing I have found with rehabilitating dogs is that no matter what the issues are, if we focus on the small things on a daily basis, then most of the big things do not manifest. Bad behavior is just the manifestation of losing focus on the basics. In all of my experience, I have seen time and time again that if we focus on the daily rituals, structure, balance, accountability along with corrections for behaviors we don’t like and rewards for things we do, most bad behaviors become a thing of the past.

I will work with all dogs – it doesn’t matter how severe the aggression, how bad the bites, how nervous or anxious, their history, breed, age, or past experiences. I have seen it all, and I’m excited to get you on the path of living with your dog in the best way possible.

When I am not training dogs, I enjoy spending time with my family. I have a beautiful wife, Linda, and am the father of six wonderful daughters and one son.

As for my hobbies, I actually consider helping people one of my most enjoyable hobbies. I’m always striving to put out more and more free content to help as many people with their dogs, their businesses and themselves. There are so many folks struggling and in pain due to their poorly behaved dogs. The best way for me to help as many people as possible is to put out so much free content so that owners can train and rehab their own dogs. In this way, we can help reduce and hopefully eliminate the euthanasia of five million dogs a year in the United States. Most dogs that are at shelters and are turned into shelters can be easily trained and rehabbed with the information in my training videos available on many different platforms.

Traveling the world doing dog training and business building seminars also brings me great satisfaction. The Jeff Gellman Seminars series has allowed me to help even more dogs, dog owners as well as rescue and shelter volunteers and staff. And as a part of the incredible business building seminar series, Train the Trainers with Sean and Jeff, I have the privilege of helping train, support and guide new dog trainers in how to excel in the dog training industry.





Brittney, a Starmark graduate, is one of our board and train trainers and runs our trick training and agility programs. Growing up she always had a passion for animals, especially dogs. She works with all the board and train dogs, helping them in their rehabilitation process, and takes great pride in helping improve the relationship between people and their dogs. Brittney loves teaching her dogs, Spot and Angus, new tricks! She teaches our trick training class, where you and your dog will learn tons of cool tricks to enhance your relationship and have fun. Building confidence in the dogs she works with is the highlight of her day, as she enjoys watching dogs become the best versions of themselves.

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Joelle is a trainer at Solid K9. She works with the board and train dogs, and dogs have always been one of her passions. She grew up always having a pack of dogs in the household, and she found at a young age she had a way with animals. It wasn’t long after getting her first working line German Shepherd that she realized dog training was something she wanted to pursue. Joelle began attending Jeff’s dog training seminars, she is a T3 graduate, and she completed a two month internship with solid k9 before becoming a permanent part of the team. Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow, as Joelle believes that Dog trainers are forever students. When she is not training dogs, you can find her outdoors enjoying nature with her two dogs or in the gym. She is a fitness enthusiast and certified personal trainer. She loves working with humans just as much as she does dogs, and she is truly passionate about her work. 



Lilly has been here at Solid K9 since 2015 and is an important part of our training staff. Her love for working dogs started 14 years ago with her Sheltie/Border Collie, Dillon. She currently is competing in IPO with her German Shepherd, Asher. Her other passion is horseback riding, which she’s been doing since she was four years old. Lilly’s degree in Equine Business Management/Riding has allowed her to easily carry over her experience in the horse industry and apply it to the dog industry.




Jess runs the front desk and is the first person you will talk to when you call Solid K9 Training.  She is in charge of keeping the training center running smoothly, from booking board and trains to swimming dogs, Jess does it all.  She came to Solid K9 Training when her own dog, Chewy, needed training. She has always had an interest in dog training and started working here immediately. Jess started working in the kennel and eventually transferred to the office. Jess’s other passion is riding horses, which began at the age of four. Since there are many similarities between horses and dogs, Jess is able to apply her degrees in Equine Business Management and Marketing Management to her position at Solid K9 Training.