Are you a fellow dog trainer or work in the dog training business?

Have you gained valuable information from Jeff Gellman and his dog training philosophy and methods?

Tell us your experience!

“Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training’s RV seminar this past weekend was truly one of THE best experiences of my life and sharing it with my training partner Jana Maresh and her board and train Basset Isabelle was the icing on the cake! Jeff is amazing to watch and his rapport with people is incredible. In two days all of the dogs were changed for the better and everyone there walked away with more powerful knowledge and confidence. Thank you Jeff Gellman for everything you do for dogs and people everywhere!!!”

Julie Starns and Jana Maresh

“Attending Jeff’s 2 day RV seminar was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done for not just my dog, but my own peace of mind. Jeff helped me to control Willard and offer the discipline I couldn’t do alone, but also gave me the tools I needed to continue moving forward with his training. Not only did I walk away with more knowledge than I had ever expected, but I also was able to network with other great dog trainers in my area and am now working with someone I met at the seminar! The price is well worth the money.”


“It has taken my a while and a few attempts to write a review about attending Jeff’s seminar in Ottawa. The reason being is I am having a hard time putting into words how much he has changed my life. Before attending the seminar I had heard many things about this man , mostly training gossip among other trainers and people in our industry. Therefore I attended the seminar with no expectations at all really. I figured I would see him put way to much pressure on dogs and see his ego take over training. This is what I had been told about his seminars and overall personality. Wow. That could not be farther from the truth. Jeff was amazing with every dog and client who attended the seminar. He was patient, kind and explained things to people in a way they could really understand and implement in their training programs at home. Everyone who attended was very please with Jeff and the results training had on their dogs in simply two days.

Now Jeff as a person , amazing. Jeff has taught me so much and given me the confidence to put myself out there. He has been so supportive and keeps in contact with me to ensure my success. Why? I have no idea, he isn’t getting anything out of it. He seriously just likes to help people. That’s what makes him so amazing. He is in this business to help people succeed and see things in a different light.

With all Jeff’s help I have already doubled my clientele and I am rocking it in business now. I still have shit ton to learn and will never stop learning. Jeff gave me the inspiration and the hope that I can do this. In this industry we ALL need that from time to time. We need the support and help from colleagues. Jeff is always ready and willing to help me. Even when he is traveling and super busy, he makes the time. That is the key word, he makes the time.

Amazing person and I am really fortune to be able to call him a friend.

Thanks Jeff”

Cher W.

“I had the pleasure of attending the Hands-on Dog Training Workshop held by Jeff Gellman this past weekend. It was jam-packed with information, great tips, and most impressive – hand’s on work with dogs that had some serious issues. I have been training for a while now, and am very skilled and successful. Does that mean I am done learning? NO WAY! I don’t care how long you have been training, go and work with Jeff, you will learn even more than you thought possible. Jeff is a warm, caring (and funny!) man, with a true passion for saving dogs, and helping their human’s and handler’s keep sane – and safe. My husband and I are planning a big move back to our home state of MA this Spring. We are confident that moving our training business will be a lot less stressful since we will have Jeff as a Consulting resource so that we can experience a smooth transition (even if he does think we are nuts to leave this amazing home in MD!). Thank you, Jeff – it is a privilege to know you.”

Ann G

“It was definitely a growing experience for me personally and professionally. My business partner and I are ready to start adding training to our programs and are so excited that we will be able to help more families and their dogs. I hope to see you in the near future and thank you again.”


“Just wanted to say thank you for everything! I could not stay quiet my whole way home talking to my friend about everything and how much this seminar was life changing. You guys both opened my eyes and helped me understand the reasons behind your actions and just helped me become a better person in general. Even though i am still young, I feel as if i understood just as well as anyone else did when it came to self assessing ourselves being that i am young. I did not feel that people where looking at me as just a 17 year old kid who is just here just to be here and does not know what he is doing but as a potential trainer and that felt incredible. I felt equal and that is something i definitely was struggling with in my life, but i wont get into that (hahaha). I learned so much, a lot more than i expected to learn and i did not only leave today with just better dog training skills but with better business skills more than anything. I thought that the dog training section was going to be more what i would be looking forward to but when the psychological aspects of everything came out and the reason behind everything i was astonished and just wanted to keep on learning more and more. I left with more of a business sense and exceptional training skills that i hope to put to the test soon which i actually might be able to. I have my first client, (someone who has seen Georgie’s skills when he came back from your board and train and knew that Jeff Gellman worked with him and knew that i went to a training seminar with Jeff, now she wants me to train her dog because I went to Jeff’s training) she goes to my parents studio and I don’t think it is too soon to start because i really want to put what i learned to the test and she is more than excited. I do want to still evaluate her no matter what because who knows, maybe she is not someone i want to work with. Im going to see that when i get to talk to her more on monday afternoon. She says the main problem she is having is that her dog is “human aggressive”, kids trigger her “aggression” and excessive barking. I plan to talk to her more about the exact problems but that was just an quick overview. I know for a fact that you are extremely busy so i won’t write pages saying thank you( which i actually probably could), but yes Thank you once again. I hope i can hear back from you soon. Take care! and Thank You once again.”


“I’ve had the pleasure to serve as Jeff’s producer for his weekly radio show over the past several years, and without a doubt, Jeff has worked to improve his ON AIR skills more than anyone with whom I’ve ever worked. He’s consistently improved to the point where he’s now just as effective a radio host as he is a world class dog trainer. I enjoy working with Jeff because he has a no nonsense attitude, knows what he wants, and isn’t afraid to ask for it or work to get it. What you see and what he says is exactly what you get, and in today’s business environment, that’s as rare as it is refreshing.”

Brett F

“Jeff Gellman is a man who has a cause, tells you what it is, and fiercly fights for that cause. A man who really wears his heart on his sleeve, so to speak. His work as a public radio personality and a real world dog trainer reflect his passion. His radio show (what would Jeff do) is powerful and has a huge audience to send his message out. I advertise on his show both to support his cause and frankly it’s good for my business too. He practices what he preaches, I’ve seen his facility, his staff, and family and they all strive for a world in which dogs can live with humans in harmony, and where humans completely stop killing dogs. If you have a chance to affiliate with Jeff in any way and pass it up, you’re making a HUGE mistake. He is an expert in his profession of dog training and an incredible marketing mind as well. Cheers Jeff for all you do.”

“Handy” Mike