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Discover proven methods to get your dog over their fear of fireworks, thunder, and other loud noises!

Join thousands of dog owners who are NOT going to have ANOTHER 4th of July or any other “Noisy” holiday cause anxiety again.

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When the season of storms, parties, and celebration approaches, it often means dogs are more stressed and fearful than ever.

Fireworks are one of the top reasons pets flee and get lost. Dogs can also become self destructive, eat through walls, and escape out of doors and windows. Fear can lead animals to doing some pretty crazy things, but the good news is, there are ways to prevent this behavior altogether.

So how exactly does anyone with a nervous dog get through the summer months with a smidge of sanity left?

They simply need to work their dogs through it. And it’s a lot easier than it sounds.

Inside of Boom and Bang, you will learn exactly how to get your dog through the fear rather than avoiding it or relying on medication.

The world will tell you:
“Avoid their triggers.”
“Don’t ever push the dog past threshold.”
“Just medicate them for these events.”

Yet, millions of dog owners are already following this advice and living with frustration and desperation…because their dogs continue to struggle.

What Our Students Have To Say…

My dog slept though beeping sounds that used to trigger her!

Superstar Dogs and Clients
Your dog can do this too.
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A YouTube comment by Nicole Enstad at 07:08 PM reads, "live courses helped me tremendously.

My dog is NOT a lost cause!

Two Facebook comments from Cheyenne Reid. The first mentions vacuuming around Hela and praises available resources. The second expresses excitement for an upcoming course and appreciation for help with stopping unwanted behaviors.

“helped me gain so much confidence”

Put our training to work & enjoy similar success with your dog

We are dedicated to YOUR success

Solid K9 is the dog trainer you have been looking for. If you’ve tried the rest without success, you are finally in the right place. If we are the first dog trainer you’ve sought out, you’ll soon find out you are definitely in the right place and amongst excellent company.
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…So Helpful. Thank You

A text message reads: "Thanks so much. I have been training Mia using your techniques and it has changed our lives so much. Thank you!.

Changed our lives so much

Both dogs Relaxed!

This is the life…

This course IS for you if…

Read Below. Is this You? If so, you are in the right place.

✅ Your dog struggles around fireworks, motorcycles, loud noises, thunderstorms, etc
✅ Your dog cannot follow commands due to fear or anxiety in these situations
✅ Your dog barks or growls, maybe even lunges when certain noises occur
✅ Your dog has been recommended drugs for their anxiety
✅ Your dog has been medicated and had little to no improvement with their behavior
✅ You want your dog to be able to relax and be neutral during storms and loud events
✅ You want your dog to have a healthier state of mind
✅ You are ready to take your quality of life, your training, and your dog’s success into your own hands!

What’s Included?

A German Shepherd wears American flag goggles next to the text "Boom and Bang" with a firework graphic; subtitle reads "A Course for Proofing Loud Noises.

Inside Boom and Bang You Will Have Access To:


Our signature masterclass that was filmed live and unedited with our client’s dog–who was extremely afraid of fireworks

($297 value)


Recorded Q+A session with Jeff and Joelle

($297 value)


Solid K9 Training’s proven methods for teaching key commands: place and kennel up

($147 value)


You will gain confidence to train your dog and get PAST the issues that have been holding you back for so long

($ Priceless)

Nothing changes if you don’t…

Imagine Yourself A Couple Weeks From Now

You’ve completed the Bang and Boom training. You look at your dog, who’s now confident and content, lying down quietly as a thunderstorm rolls in the distance.

Your dog is calm and relaxed when fireworks go off, and the days of fleeing, panting, barking, and destructive behavior are in the past. 

Your dog is becoming more confident by the day, and you are at ease knowing they’re capable of coping with stress in a healthy way. 

Your life (and your dog’s) have improved ten fold, and you actually look forward to holidays and celebrations now, knowing your dog is ready to take on whatever the world throws at them. 

Your only regret is you didn’t start sooner. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We don’t want your money, we want your satisfaction (and success)

72 hour love it or leave it policy. 

If you don’t think it’s the right program, let us know. We’ll be happy to get you into another training or course.

  • Chances are you’ve been struggling with your dog’s behavior for a while… Are you ready to create change, or do you want to stay exactly where you are now?

    Give the training a try. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to your dog.
Founders of Solid K9 Training and Academy

Meet Jeff and Joelle

3.9 million dogs are surrendered to shelters each year due to behavioral issues—we’re on a mission to change that.

Together, we’ve trained and rehabbed over 10,000 dogs world-wide in person and through our virtual courses. We’ve held 300+ dog training seminars globally & have proven methods in place that are helping people train their dogs and keep their pets in their homes.

We believe to our core that every dog deserves a chance-no matter what behaviors they’re struggling with. And we are certain dog owners can train their dogs without ever working with a trainer in person. Dog training has the ability to create massive freedom in your life on so many levels, and that’s exactly what we teach inside this course.

Jeff Gellman

Founder and Trainer
Specializes in transforming the relationship with your dog

Joelle Gifford

Founder and Trainer
Specializes in behavior modification techniques.

FAQs – You have questions, we have answers:

A black and white dog in the midst of dog training, with an open mouth and a pink tongue visible, appearing to look upwards at the camera.

We know the dog industry has likely made you feel like your fearful dog is a lost cause. But we have worked with thousands of truly fearful dogs, and every single one has benefited from training. Do some dogs have a ceiling? Absolutely. But you don’t know until you see how far they can go. Even SOME training is better than none at all. It’s never too late, or “too far gone.”

No worries. We will show you how to condition your dog to the tools. You likely will need them for leverage, and to work your dog through their current stress threshold. Tools are great communication systems, especially when fearful dogs typically don’t take food or care about toys.

You might feel like you’ve tried everything, but we promise, you have not gone through a program like ours before. We do things differently here (you’ve heard that before, too, most likely.) But we wouldn’t call something proven that has worked once, for one dog. Our training has helped thousands of dogs around the world. It’s easy to follow, implement, and it actually yields results. We create courses and trainings for YOU in mind. We want you to win more than anything. We put a guarantee on our programs for a reason. If you feel it’s not the right fit, no worries. Just contact us and we’ll get you into another program, or refund you. *terms and conditions apply

yes! But we’ll show you how. All leash work will be shown inside this course. PLUS you’ll have a chance to snag our signature Green to Graduate 2 course for an insane price (all your e- collar and baseline training can be found in there, too.)

Any additional questions? Open a 👉 chat and speak with our team! We’re always here for you

Bang and Boom – Dog Training Noiseproofing

Discover proven methods to get your dog over their fear of fireworks, thunder, and other loud noises!