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With over 2,000 videos on our YouTube channel, you can get started training your dog right away. We get messages and emails everyday from people who have had success training their dogs just by watching our videos.  From stopping leash pulling to starting your dog on the treadmill and learning to swim, you'll find it on our channel. We've made it easy for you to get started and have compiled our best DIY training videos into one playlist! Watch below (click the 3 lines w/ arrow in the top left to pick a video) or head over to our DIY YouTube Playlist to watch there.



What Would Jeff Do? Quick Tips are short but sweet. They are quick 2 minute videos jam-packed with training information and advice. Watch them below (click the 3 lines w/ arrow in the top left to pick a video) or head over to our WWJD Tip of the Day playlist on YouTube!