Join us for a 1-hour Group Pack Walk through the streets of Providence! Walks are held every Saturday during the spring, summer and fall months starting at 8am. 

Pack Walks are open to anyone who would like to join (if using prong collar and/or remote collar) and are a great means of support for owners to keep up with their training, increase dog handling skills and get help troubleshooting any issues on the walk. This event is not a "how-to" but rather an opportunity to practice existing training with the additional distraction of other dogs and owners. We will offer you guidance and instruction in a safe, non-judgmental environment to help you and your dog work through any challenges during the walk.

The Group Walk is a structured walk and exercise. In order to participate, your dog must be wearing his or her e-collar and/or prong training collar. Please review the below safety protocols and requirements in preparation for the Group Walk:

1. All dogs must be wearing and have been previously trained on a prong collar and/or e-collar.
2. All owners must bring their own poop bags and water for their dogs.
3. No flexi-style leashes allowed -- no exceptions. All dogs should be on leashes 6-feet in length or shorter.
4. All humans should be wearing comfortable shoes.

Adherence to these rules allows us and others the chance to have an educational and safe Group Walk experience. For the safety of owners and dogs, if your dog is out of control, we will kindly ask you to leave the walk and will recommend training so that you can join us in the future.   

When you arrive at the Solid K9 Training center, please meet outside right near our front entrance. We kindly ask that you do not pet or approach any other clients/dogs during this event. For any specific questions, please contact We look forward to seeing you at the Group Walk!

*Please note: Jeff does not attend all of the Pack Walks, as he is often away holding Jeff Gellman Seminars on the weekends. No training takes place during the walks unless Jeff is present. Jeff will be present at the following walks: 9/21/19, 10/5/19 (Providence Seminar Weekend), 10/12/19