How to Trim Your Difficult Dog’s Nails


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Trim Your Dog’s Nails at Home! (even if your dog hates when you try to now)

Is trimming your dog’s nails a stressful experience for the both of you? Do you have to sedate your dog for this seemingly simple process, or has your dog actually been kicked out of groomers and vet offices due to its behavior around nail maintenance? 

If you’re on this page, I’m guessing your dog is struggling with having its nails done.

Unfortunately, many dog owners do not have the advantage of getting their dogs as young puppies. They have missed out on all those early months of counter-conditioning their pups to accept physical touch around the feet, and many dogs have years of practiced terrible behavior around their nails/grooming. Long nails are not only unappealing, but they cause physical discomfort to dogs. Long nails can throw off a dog’s stride and create a host of physiological issues. This is why we stress nail maintenance so much. It’s not just for vanity purposes, but its necessary for the health and well being of the dog, too. 

But you CAN have a dog that accepts nail trims…

There is a way to actually stop the thrashing, growling and biting that often comes with nail trims. Although we are not groomers, we have trained enough dogs that absolutely need their nails cut while they are in our care. We teach every single dog that comes through our training program how to accept nail trimming because its such a vital part of the dog’s health. We also know it’s a big tell in the relationship a dog has with its owner. A dog that fights nail trims will most likely fight a lot of other things, too. It’s usually all connected to the overall behavior of the dog. 

If you’re ready to finally stop sedating your dog 3-6 times per year just for basic nail upkeep, then this course is for you. We show you the exact process we use to take dogs from out of control to fully accepting the dremel and clippers. 

This process can be invasive at times, but we know that working a dog through a moment of discomfort will help it cope with so many other things in life. You will see the dog in the video make major progress in just 3 sessions. 

What you get:

With this course, you will receive my step-by-step video training on how to successfully trim your dog’s nails. It covers everything you need to know from how to stop the out-of-control-behavior, to getting the dog to accept grooming and remain calm for the duration of it. 

We have used these methods of thousands of dogs who were previously being drugged or completely sedated for their nail trims. We don’t want you or your dog to go through the stress of multiple vet visits just for nails ever again. You can turn nail trimming into a simple at home protocol that can be done in minutes by following this course. 

You’ll receive the following BONUS features 

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-How to choose and fit a prong collar video -$50 value

-Muzzle Conditioning Video- $50 value